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Are you a Western man getting love letters from Kazan, Russia and do you consider sending your future bride money for visa and airfare? Read these articles first then..

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Dating scammer Sarah Blake

Name: Sarah Blake


had an Australian address but she normally lives in Baltimore, USA

Other Comments:
Met this lady just over a lady ago after she popped up on the HorneyMatches website.

At the time she was supposedly in Nigeria after having travelled there from the Netherlands to buy some jewellery & stock for her family's business in Baltimore.

At the time she has supposedly run out of money because of her spending habits which from what I can gather are HUGE!!!

Wanted money from me to help her but I refised at the time because as I told her, I felt she was a scammer. After that we talked off & on over a period of months until she again popped up in Adelaide, AUSTRALIA where she was supposedly staying with a Spanish Uncle (!!!!!) more like some 'sugar daddy' she had latched herself onto!

Wanted to fly to New Zealand at the time to visit, helped her with the air fare but surprise, surprise she never turned up!

To cut a long story short didn't hear back from her for a while & next thing she pops up again but this time she's back in Baltimore, USA.

She reckons her mother doesn't want anything to do with her which isn't a surprise the way she acts so not sure if this part is true.

Is supposedly running her deceased father's Jewellery & Antique Shop in Baltimore USA somewhere!

If anything is to be believed about this person, one thing that has come out quite clearly is the fact (1) she is a HUGE personal spender & (2) she's a terrible business person who lacks day to day nouse!!

Still all this could be a front!

Thing is she is always trying to hit you up for money.


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