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Are you a Western man getting love letters from Kazan, Russia and do you consider sending your future bride money for visa and airfare? Read these articles first then..

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Dating scammer Jessica Gables

Name: Jessica Gables



Other Comments:
This person was sent to me by a 'friend' of mine. Now I think he may be in on the scam. Anyway, supposedly she is 28 y.o., in an African country called Georgia. Her story is her father died and left her a fortune in a Wells Fargo bank in California, managed by her Uncle. At one time supposedly she lived in Miami Florida USA. There she met a guy just before she left for college in Georgia Africa. The communicated and formed a love relationship. She eventually sent him several thousand dollars from her Uncle thru her Uncle. He was supposed to send the money on to her. He didn't. This left her stranded in Georgia after her graduation and she can't tell her Uncle or her money supply would be cut off. Anyway, she asked me to locate this Florida guy and see if he would return her money. She gave me his name and thru my connections in law enforcement I did find this guy and actually did talk to him on the phone. He admitted he had received her money but had no intentions of giving it back to her. When I relayed that back to her she quit contacting me, but she is on Messenger everyday and i know she is scamming from Africa. She asked me for money several times and i refused. So, beware. She is cute, and i suspect a model. If anyone knows who she realy is I am curious to find out. Thanks and again beware.

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