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Are you a Western man getting love letters from Kazan, Russia and do you consider sending your future bride money for visa and airfare? Read these articles first then..

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Dating scammer Monica Morgan

Name: Monica Morgan


Close 29 House 13, Satellite Town Lagos, Nigeria 2341; Close 30 House 6, Satelite Town, Lagos, Nigeria

Other Comments:
I gave away $2,034 (including wiring fees) to this criminal. My bad.

(Although certainly far less than I might typically spend on an unprofitable weekend in Las Vegas at least in Lost Wages I might have a chance to win occasionally. lol)

My hope is that adding the information that I have on this site will somehow serve to at least inconvenience this gang of thieves (please see list of confederates below) and might even spare someone else the pain and expense of being taken in by these crooks.

I will also be forwarding this information to the EFCC and encourage others to do the same. Their e-mail:

Brief Summary: She contacted me through the Lava Life Prime website claiming to have been raped by her uncle (Nigerian Official) with whom she was living after her mother had died (cancer) father had died in car accident 13 years earlier. Was taken in by pastor to local church (Winners Chapel) and wanted to start new life in a new country.

Modus Operandi: Follows the Scammers Textbook script:

1. Contacted 20+ year older widower (me) from dating website quickly removing her posting and suggesting I do the same. Note her posting originally claimed she was from South Africa yet she speaks without S.A. English accent typically associated with her home area but more like a native West African.
2. Provided her e-mail address in her first message (including cute moniker for which she had an inadequate explanation subsequently began using a similar second e-mail address also, cryptically explained).
3. Very poor English for supposed nursing school graduate including am for I am, severally for several, etc., etc.
4. Ignored a large percentage of my questions (I began compiling a list) instead focused early on professing her love and desire to bear my childs, blah, blah, blah
5. Virtually all e-mails (95%+) were 2 to 3 paragraphs in length with a predicable template feel to them. (Im missing you so much Cant wait until were together Send $$$, Etc., Etc.) Gave me pet name Lovey (probably more convenient for mass marketing purposes than remembering all of her victims real names).
6. Patiently waited (2 months) to finally send the Money Message claiming to want $1,200 for a laptop to send me private pictures and webcams, etc. (The churchs computer from which she was sending messages had suddenly stopped working.)
7. Followed that up with request for $1,100 for satellite link (never happened nor the $70 per month fee).
8. Has requested money for necessaries (bras & panties, etc.), vitamins and most recently
9. TWO hospital stays one for an appendectomy ($680) and, less than a month later, for a kidney transplant ($960). Poor Girl!
10. Finally, a request for visa & passport and airfare money after being ripped off by the unscrupulous Lucky Travel Agency (see confederates list) who had provided the same day service poorly photoshopped visa and passport included in her pictures.


1. Pastor ANTHONY ONOCHIE (maternal last name OKASOR)
Cell Phone # 234-801225873
Address: Close 29 House 13, Satellite Town Lagos, Nigeria 2341

Claims affiliation with Winners Chapel (a Nigerian Pentecostal mega church with many missions) who, surprisingly have no idea who he is.

2. Pastor Anthonys brother: OBIORA ONOCHIE
3. Doctor WILLIAMS JONES Korle Teaching Hospital (ISP information below)
4. LUCKY TRAVEL AGENCY COLLINS IGBOKWE Purveyors of fraudulent documents (Note ISP information below is VERY similar to my Sweethearts. What a surprise!)

Sample messages, 'pictures' and IP addresses available

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